Annual Makabi Doubles Tennis Championship

Annual Makabi Doubles Tennis Championship

The Lithuanian Makabi Athletics Club held their annual doubles tennis championship at Vilnius’s SEB Arena November 19, where new players as well as veterans made a very good showing.

Players competed in Light and Hard categories for newcomers and old hands.

Among the promising newer players were the brothers Danielis and Emilis Čeliadinas. Accomplished player Alisa Gaivaronskytė didn’t disappoint, and neither did the brothers Kęstutis and Norbertas Faktarovičius. Alisa with teammate Danielius Merkinas took first place, followed by the Faktarovičius duo, with Marius Zimanas and Donaldas Andziulis placing third. Danielis and Emilis took a very respectable fourth place.

In the veterans’ group Makabi’s Valentina Finkelštein with Aniceta Zamalaitienė came in first, followed by Ingrida and Raimondas Sklenys in second, Eduardas Gurvičius with Makabi’s Diana Zimanienė placed third and Ilja Bereznickas and Tatjana Podkolzina taking fourth place.

Makabi president Semionas Finkelšteinas served as referee with Mindaugas Dagys, and Anatolijus Faktarovičius was named the mosty active member of the audience.