With sadness we report the death of Elijas Šapsajus Cholemas. He was born in Kaunas in 1926 and was 15 when war came. Imprisoned with his parents, aunt and uncle in the Kaunas ghetto, he was later sent to the Stutthof and then the Kaufering, Landsberg and Dachau concentration camps. He and his father returned to Lithuania in June of 1945. They lost 31 family members and relatives to the Holocaust. Despite his bitter experience, the late Elijas Šapsajus Cholemas remained an extraordinarily sensitive, warm and sincere person filled with empathy and always ready to help his fellow man. He was an active member of the Jewish community and the Union of Former Ghetto Prisoners. He fought illness for some time before his death. We wish him eternal peace and rest. Thank you for sharing the road of life with us.