AJC Jewish and Proud Campaign

AJC Jewish and Proud Campaign

Dear reader,

I was going to tell you about the importance of being #JewishandProud in the face of rising anti-Semitism.

I was going to try to string together some eloquent words about our responsibilities to our fellow Jews.

I was going to tell you that #JewishandProud is already being used around the world in 28 countries and counting; that it has attracted support and pledges of participation from Hollywood stars, to members of Congress, to British lords.

Find out how you can participate at AJC.org/JewishandProud.

But then I read a message that struck a chord with me. It’s from someone whose name I did not know–Mary K. in Tennessee.

She wrote, “Being Jewish is life-changing. To me, the mitzvah of making the world a better place is at my core and lives in my soul. No matter how hard the world may get and be, I know I must wake up every day to put more love into the world, and I wear this as a badge of honor.”

A badge of honor. I have worn a kippah in synagogue and when eating Shabbat dinner with my family. I have thought about it as a simple religious symbol. Yet, thanks to Mary, I am now thinking about it differently–as a powerful symbol that ties me to both my ancestors and my fellow Jews.

On Monday, January 6, join Mary and Jews around the world in wearing a kippah, a Magen David necklace, a t-shirt with Hebrew writing on it, or anything that’s identifiably Jewish. Post it on your social media, download and take a picture with the #JewishandProud sign, and tell us what being Jewish means to you.

Of course, people of all faiths are also invited to participate by posting their messages of support on social media, adding the #JewishandProud Ally frame to their Facebook profile picture, or sharing their message at AJC.org/JewishandProud.

Let’s make the world a better place by wearing our Judaism – and our support for all Jews – as a badge of honor.


Daniel Elbaum
AJC Chief Advocacy Officer