Rimvydas Valatka on Rehabilitating Lithuanian Nazis as National Heroes

Rimvydas Valatka on Rehabilitating Lithuanian Nazis as National Heroes

Not Only the Names of Angels Decorate the Wall of Martyrs in Central Vilnius

Another scandal is brewing: it’s becoming clear not just the names of angels decorate the wall of martyrs in central Vilnius

by Rimvydas Valatka, lrytas.lt, from facebook

It would appear the hunger to rehabilitate the looters and murderers of Jews by incorporating them in the ranks of those who have laid down their lives for their country, the partisans, has become a sort of auxiliary to the discipline of history for the Genocide Center.

Six murderers and looters of innocent people commemorated as heroes–this is not just a plaque commemorating General Storm [Jonas Noreika] who collaborated with the Nazis on this question. This is already a very brown matter. Perhaps some Pro Patria Lithuanian teacher will splash brown paint upon the wall?

The forces of the defenders of Nazi collaborators should move quickly to the former KGB headquarters because the historians are beating “our own people.”

But more seriously, it would be nice to hear what sort of joke or applied little speech of national reconciliation president Gitanas Nausėda might deliver on the issue of the looters and murderers. You won’t get away with little street jokes aimed at mayor Šimašius this time. Šimašius isn’t even connected with this. Will the president now condemn those historians who haven’t reconciled with and entered into another 30 years of discussions with the defenders of the looters and killers, those historians who dare get involved with the sacred topic of the commemoration of national memory?

The universe tends to punish those who step on a rake, get hit in the face, step on it again and blame only the rake. But the punishment comes from a direction you don’t even suspect, which Arvydas Anušauskas can confirm, right? According to my information, all these documents about the looters and murderers have been protected by the Lithuanian Genocide Center all these years. So will the Center finally share them with the wider audience?

Written in response to a text in Lithuanian here.