Attorney Faina Kukliansky representing unnamed members of the Lithuanian Jewish Community has submitted a complaint to the office of prosecutor regarding false information about representatives of the Jewish community made publicly.

From the material collected so far it appears the person who has spread the mendacious information knew it was false, and has no evidence or falsified evidence regarding the people and their parents who were libeled. The prosecutor has launched a criminal case, i.e., a pre-trial investigation, regarding this person. Article 154, section 2 of the Lithuanian criminal code says this crime incurs either a fine, limitations on personal freedom or jail for up to one year.

Libel and slander mean the spreading of false information about another person which could have a harmful or insulting effect upon the other person, or which might do damage to his reputation.

The second part of this article of law provides prison time for committing slander and committing libel through the media or press, a serious and grave crime.

The LJC informs the public that in every case of slander or libel against a member of the Community or his or her family member or members, the LJC will contact law-enforcement for criminal prosecution.