Lithuanian Prosecutor Rejects Holocaust Denial Case against Genocide Center

For several years now Grant Gochin has been waging a behind-the-scenes fight to get Lithuanian public institutions to recognize the facts of the Holocaust in Lithuania. Specifically, he wants a re-assessment of certain figures from the World War II era who are lionized in post-1990 Lithuania as anti-Soviet resistance fighters. Without any institutional support, Gochin hired Vilnius attorney Rokas Radzinskas and a handful of researchers and historians to look into the Center of the Study of the Genocide and Resistance of Residents of Lithuania’s finding exonerating WWII-era Lithuanian Activist Front leader Jonas Noreika. In a well-reasoned legal request, Gochin and Radzinskas asked the Lithuanian prosecutor to begin pre-trial investigation of Genocide Center director Teresė Burauskaitė for Holocaust denial. The Lithuanian prosecutor rejected that request.

English translation of request to prosecutor:

Prosecutor’s rejection in Lithuanian: