Great Attendance at LJC Seder

About 200 people gathered for the Lithuanian Jewish Community Passover Seder at the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva in Vilnius Saturday. LJC chairwoman Faina Kukliansky gave a short welcome speech, large flower bouquets were passed out to a number of Community members whose volunteer work has been outstanding and Rabbi Shimshon Isaacson led the assembly in the Passover rituals, without a microphone since Sabbath hadn’t ended yet. Žana Skudovičienė and Julija Lipšic really gave their all as organizers and made sure everyone felt welcome and got what they needed. Žana Skudovičienė also helped the rabbi with the ritual. Jewish song and dance ensemble Fayerlakh performed as well. There were no new faces, just regular attendees from past years, although former acting LJC executive director Simonas Gurevičius unexpectedly attended with his wife. Gurevičius is contesting the post of chairman in upcoming elections within the Community, but the evening wasn’t about politics of the current day and everyone seemed to get along great. There were fewer children this year than at previous LJC Seders but a sufficient number to conduct the treasure hunt.

More photos here.