Passover Greetings from Lithuanian Jewish Community Chairwoman Faina Kukliansky

Passover is a wonderful time to give thanks to the Most High for our release many years ago from slavery, to give thanks for what we have now and to think about the future.

It’s better not wait for manna to fall from heaven, but rather to get to work ourselves now. All Jews in the community need to do this. I say the word “community” in the broad sense. I have always said that our community concept extends beyond that of membership. Recently, however, as if by the instructions from a stage director (and the scene being acted out is, sadly, rather cliché), a large number of hitherto unseen, unknown members have been flooding the Community. We didn’t think there were so many Jews in Vilnius. Since members of the Vilnius Jewish Community receive a box of matzo without charge, we might run out.

We hope the new members will be active not just during the coming election for the post of chairman of the Vilnius Jewish Community, but also in everyday activities. We need to work, not to expect a miracle with outstretched hand, a miracle which might not be repeated.

I wish everyone a beautiful Passover holiday.