Israeli PM Accused of Accepting Cigars as Gifts, Wife Got Pink Champagne

IL times

Vague accusations leading to an interview of long-standing Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu last week just got a lot more specific—and more laughable. According to Times of Israel, leaks from the on-going investigation show Netanyahu is accused of accepting “expensive cigars” as gifts from a Hollywood movie producer, and his wife received gifts of pink champagne from the same man.

Earlier reports alleged his wife Sara had somehow illicitly funneled state monies for the purchase of—lawn furniture, for use at the prime minister’s residence.

The sudden corruption probe followed hard on the heels of a diplomatic falling-out with the United States last week which some media pundits called the lowest point in the history of US-Israeli relations ever. Outgoing Obama administration secretary of state John Kerry added insult to the injury of US tacit approval for a resolution condemning Israeli actions in the West Bank adopted by the UN Security Council by taking to the airwaves and breaking almost 8 years of complete silence over the issue in a sharply-worded demarche to Israel’s leaders. President-elect Donald Trump has promised a more favorable set of policies for Israel including recognition of Jerusalem as the de jure capital of the Jewish state.

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