Why Does Rabbi Krinsky Seek to Divide the Lithuanian Jewish Community and Our Believers?

LJC chairwoman Faina Kukliansky

As announced earlier, the Choral Synagogue in Vilnius has been closed for repair work to be carried out, and in the meantime temporary measures have been put in place for the Lithuanian Jewish Community’s congregation of the faithful to pray at the Lithuanian Jewish Community (no special measures are needed by mitnagdim). As Community chairwoman I am surprised that regular repair to the Vilnius synagogue has caused a furor in the global media and on social networks. Entry to Jewish communities around the world entail restrictions, and it is hardly surprising that someone who is constantly disturbing the peace and bothering others is not allowed entry on tyhe grounds that person is intentionally creating conflict situations. The Community’s rabbis have asked that people who disturb religious services not be given entry. The tension caused in recent days by the inappropriate actions of Chabad Lubaviych Rabbi Sholom Ber Krinsky is not accidental. This rabbi has his own center on Bokšto street in Vilnius and he receives support from different Jewish organizations. We know about them and their intentions to divide the LJC are also known. It goes without saying that a community of a different orientation may receive support, but we have information it is being supported for an ulterior purpose. When to repair the synagogue is our business and our decision. I would ask the world Jewish community to let the Lithuanian Jewish Community live in peace and tranquility and to allow us the right to repair our synagogue when we see fit, not according to what Rabbi Krinsky wants, and if we need help, we’ll ask. The Lithuanian Jewish Community employs two rabbis who are actively involved with the community of believers, among whom there prevails a spirit of peace. A rebirth of Judaism is taking place in Lithuania right now.