Helping Israel’s Soldiers Celebrate Sukkot

Dear Friends,

After 6 weeks of war, Israel’s soldiers have returned to their bases. Though the war in Gaza has ended, Israel’s soldiers continue to tirelessly patrol our borders, defending our citizens from the Hamas threat in the South, and ISIS and Hezbollah on our Northern borders. That means that for many soldiers, the Jewish holidays will be spent not at home, but on their army bases, far from their families.

Or LaChayal wants to make sure that every soldier feels at home on his base. So, for the upcoming Sukkot holiday, we’re installing “giant sukkot” – great tents to help soldiers celebrate 40 years of wandering in the deserts of Egypt before entry into the Land of Israel. These sukkot house 1,000 soldiers at once, and will make the holiday even more joyous for our soldiers spending the holiday on their bases.

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Thank you for your support,

Rabbi Menachem Ofen
Chairman, Or LaChayal

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