Dutch police forbid construction of a sukkah for fear of vandalism in Muslim neighborhood

The Jews of Europe are hiding. The Muslims aren’t hiding — that’s for sure. They are who the Jews are hiding from. But the dhimmi authorities don’t confront the Muslims. Instead,they tell the Jews to conceal their Jewishness. Shameful.

Antisemitic attacks have doubled in France. Jewish school children in Denmark can’t play outside in their schoolyards. Jewish Day Schools in Europe are fortresses. There will be a mass emigration to Israel and even the US. But how long will the US be safe? A Rabbi was shot dead in cold blood in Miami. A Jewish couple walking on the Upper East Side of Manhattan were attacked by Muslims with annihilationist “Palestinian” flags. In California, pro-Israel supporters were attack with clubs at a rally.

Three score decades ago, over half of the Jewish population of the world was wiped out in Europe, and this is the Jews’ plight in Europe today.

“Dutch police said to cite vandalism risk in opposing sukkah,” JTA, October 3, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): 7:12am

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA) — Dutch police advised a municipality to forbid the public display of a sukkah out of concerns that it would be a target for vandalism, a Jewish resident said.

Fabrice Schomberg applied last month for a permit to erect a sukkah, a hut designated for meals during the holiday of Sukkot, outside his home in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Schilderswijk in The Hague.

On Tuesday, city official Karin Wilthagen told Schomberg that the police advised the city against allowing him to build the sukkah, warning that it could be vandalized, he told JTA.

Despite the objection from police, the city approved his request Friday.

Police declined to comment on the case and declined to say whether they considered Jewish symbols and the people who display them as being especially at risk. A city spokesperson told JTA Schomberg’s application is being processed.

In recent weeks, Schomberg has been featured in a series of articles about a Jewish-owned housing project of 200 apartments located among one of the Netherlands’ largest concentrations of Muslim immigrants. He is among only a dozen Jewish residents in the complex.

In one item, a news crew filmed Schomberg being verbally abused on the street outside his home because he put on a kippah. He usually conceals it to prevent such incidents.

Three times over the summer rioting took place in Schilderswijk, near the Jewish-owned area, and on each occasion there were flags identified with the ISIS Islamist group. Two of the rallies also featured calls to kill Jews, and in the third protesters hurled rocks at police and used municipal flowerbeds to barricade the neighborhood’s main street.

The rallies took place amid a series of attacks on Jews in the Netherlands in the wake of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip with Hamas. Two people were physically assaulted for displaying an Israeli flag.

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