Hungary Sides with Israel, Blocks EU Ceasefire Demand, Rejects Genocide Charge

Hungary Sides with Israel, Blocks EU Ceasefire Demand, Rejects Genocide Charge

Hungary again has bucked the diktat emanating from Brussels, this time vetoing an EU demand Israel implement a ceasefire in Gaza.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Hungary blocked the passage of two such demands from the EU.

Hungary Blocks Two EU Statements against Israel’s War in Gaza

The Post learned that foreign minister Israel Katz, who was at the Munich Security Conference, had personally called his Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó and asked that he help Israel.

Hungary has twice blocked a European Union consensus statement against the IDF’s pending military operation against Hamas in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, a consensus that called for an “immediate humanitarian pause” to the war, leading to a permanent ceasefire, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

“Hungary stood alone in the EU,” senior diplomatic sources said.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell had twice attempted to issue a consensus statement with the support of all 27 member states of the bloc.

He first tried to issue such a statement on the sideline of the Munich Security Conference in Berlin over the weekend and again during a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday.

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In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó also called accusations of genocide aimed at Israel at the ICJ “non-sense” and pledged Hungary’s support to Israel.

Hungarian FM to Jerusalem Post: Genocide Claim at ICJ is Nonsense, We Back Israel

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: Hungarian Foreign Minister told the Post: “You kill the terrorists in order to avoid them killing peaceful people in the future.”

Warning that the Gaza and Ukrainian conflicts could spark a third world war, and arguing that genocide charges against the Jewish state are “nonsense,” Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto is one of Israel’s stalwart friends on the European continent.

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