Hamas Pogromniks Scale Jewish Hospital in Toronto

Hamas Pogromniks Scale Jewish Hospital in Toronto

CBC news reported February 13 on a pro-Palestinian protest on Monday which resulted in masked perpetrators scaling Mount Sinai Jewish hospital in Toronto to plant a Palestinian flag several stories up. CBC evening news program the National reported the hospital was originally built to treat Jewish patients denied treatment at other hospitals because of anti-Semitism.

In videos posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, apparently from the time of the protest, a person can be seen climbing an awning that’s branded Mount Sinai Hospital while waving a Palestinian flag.

Another video shows scores of people along hospital row also calling for “intifada” while many of them waved Palestinian flags. Intifada is an Arabic word used to describe more than one Palestinian uprising over the decades.

Organizers of the demonstration say the hospital was not specifically targeted and that it is instead along a route that protestors have rallied along for several weeks amid the Israel-Hamas war. Still, many elected officials swiftly condemned the action.

Full story and video footage here.