Trudeau Did Invite Nazi After All

Trudeau Did Invite Nazi After All

Canadian state media outlet Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and other Canadian media are reporting Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau did issue an invitation to Ukrainian Waffen-SS solider Yaroslav Hunka to attend an event on September 22, 2023, after all.

Hunka was given a standing ovation at the Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa that day. Honoring the Nazi at parliament was widely seen as an insult to Canadian Jews and Holocaust survivors around the world. It also detracted from the Canadian brand as a multi-cultural oasis of tolerance in the world, and shone a light on Canada’s practice of providing haven to Nazi war criminals on the lamb from justice, including the Butcher of Kaunas, Helmut Rauca.

Speaker of parliament Anthony Rota from Trudeau’s own Liberal Party apologized for the incident and took “full responsibility,” announcing his resignation September 26 to take effect on September 27, 2023.

Trudeau and his Prime Minister’s Office said at the time the decision to invite Hunka rested entirely on Rota and had nothing to do with them. Trudeau and the PMO claimed Rota hadn’t properly checked the backgrounds of his guests.

Now it turns out Trudeau invited Hunka to attend an event at the PMO that same evening, a reception for Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. Hunka didn’t attend that event in any case. The PMO now says Hunka was recommended to them by a Ukrainian-Canadian association and wasn’t subjected to a background check before the invitation was issued.

Hunka’s son Martin is a constituent in Rota’s riding, or voting district. After fleeing justice in Europe as a member of the Waffen-SS Galicia Division which massacred Poles and Jews, Yaroslav Hunka found employment in the Canadian defense industry, eventually becoming an aircraft inspector at De Havilland.

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