Mini-Makabiada Held in Vilnius

Mini-Makabiada Held in Vilnius

Vilnius athletics school Sostinės Tauras hosted the Lithuanian Makabi Athletics Club’s annual mini-Maccabee Games tournament October 15. Participants included Makabi Club members and students from the Sholem Aleichem ORT Gymnasium. Sports included volley ball, indoor soccer, basketball, table tennis and badminton. The games began with a minute of silence in honor of the victims of Hamas terror in Israel.

The Makabi Club team won in volley ball against the Sholem team as well as the third team, Kantora. Sholem placed second.

Makabi also took first place in indoor soccer against Sholem.

In basketball Sholem and Kantora succumbed to Makabi again, with Sholem in second place.

Ping-pong competition was fierce with a large number of contestants. Šimonas Lukša took first place, followed by Rafaelis Gimelšteinas and Saulius Pavarinis.

Badminton had a girls and boys group. First place among the boys went to Oliveris Garas from Sholem Aleichem, followed by Benas Taralis from the Balsys Gymnasium. Young Ester Reches took third place competing in the boys group. Among the girls group Radvilė Bareikaita came in first, followed by Marija Jurkevičiutė and Vaiva Seliavienė, all from Sholem.

Dinner followed the matches at the Natali restaurant in Vilnius where prizes were awarded to the winners in individual and group competition. In group play basketball player Monika Mačionytė, soccer player Danielius Rūkas and volleyball players Davidas Maginas and Marija Antonova were recognized for their outstanding athletics.