Pro-Palestinian Protests, Rash of Attacks on Jews around the World

Pro-Palestinian Protests, Rash of Attacks on Jews around the World

Israel War: Hamas Attacks Lead to Rising Anti-Semitism
by Beth Bailey, October 12, 2023, Washington Examiner

As another devastating side effect of the deadly October 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians, Jews around the world are becoming the targets of anti-Semitic hate. First came celebrations of the slaughter. In Cyprus; Sydney, Australia; Ontario and Toronto, Canada; Beirut; Damascus; Baghdad; Cairo and Ramallah supporters of Palestinian resistance came together to applaud attacks on the Israeli state.

The Anti-Defamation League tracked 39 anti-Israel rallies in the United States. They included events in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Anaheim, San Francisco, Columbus, Tampa Bay, Albuquerque, Providence, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. In New York one reveler displayed pictures of dead Israelis on his phone. Another showed off a picture of a Nazi swastika. A speaker in Philadelphia attested that “every person who died yesterday wasn’t innocent. Every Israeli settler by default is a terrorist.” In Chicago, crowds chanted, “No Zionism in our town.”

“Make no mistake,” a speaker told crowds in D.C., “We are in celebration.”

These celebrations soon gave way to acts of outright anti-Semitism.

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Anti-Israel protesters “Chant Gas the Jews” outside Sydney Opera House
by Olivia Land, Oct. 10, 2023, New York Post

A massive anti-Israel rally on the steps of the Sydney Opera House has sparked political condemnation and an investigation by Australian police after protesters were filmed chanting “gas the Jews.”

Around 1,000 protesters gathered outside Sydney’s iconic performing arts hall late Monday carrying flares and Palestinian flags and chanting “gas the Jews,” “f__k the Jews” and “Allahu akbar,” troubling footage shared by the Australian Jewish Association showed.

Prime minister Anthony Albanese called the chants “reprehensible” and “just appalling,” Australia’s ABC News reported.

“I think we should all be concerned,” foreign affairs minister Penny Wong added on Australian ABC Radio, according to the Guardian.

“There is no place in Australia for antisemitism or prejudice or hatred of any kind and we should all stand firm against the sort of anti-Semitic language that unfortunately some engaged [in], just as we should stand firm against all prejudice,” she said.

The protest came just about three days into the war between Israel and Hamas, the terrorist group that launched a surprise attack on the Jewish state early Saturday.

As of Tuesday, around 1,000 Israelis have been killed and another 2,800 wounded, including entire families, the elderly and revelers at a music festival.

Protest organizers Palestine Action Group Sydney defended it as “peaceful,” distancing itself from “a tiny fringe” of anti-Semitic attendees responsible for the chants.

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France Reports Dozens of Anti-Semitic Acts since Hamas Attack on Israel

One Jewish student in the wider Paris region was attacked by fellow pupils who ripped his t-shirt, France’s education minister says

French police have arrested more than 20 people over dozens of anti-Semitic acts carried out since Saturday, including harassment of Jewish children by fellow pupils at school, the government said on Wednesday.

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