Lithuania’s Self-Generated Problem

Lithuania’s Self-Generated Problem

Photo: Poster honoring Kazys Skirpa. Translation: “A Nation which respects itself should know its heroes: Diplomat Colonel Kazys Skirpa First volunteer who raised the flag of Lithuania on Gediminas Tower on January 1, 1919, the head of the Lithuanian Activist Front, organizer of the June 1941 uprising. The Nation knows its heroes!”

Hate against minorities is supposedly illegal in Lithuania. Lithuanian MP Žemaitaitis spewed obscene tropes against Jews which did not make sense in the 1200s, nor in 1941, and not now, either. In subsequent posts, Žemaitaitis called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Lithuania.

The Austrian, German, American and Israeli ambassadors issued statements condemning Žemaitaitis, as did the prime minister of Lithuania. The Lithuanian Jewish Community has requested Žemaitaitis be referred to the public prosecutor for hate crimes charges.

Superficially, the case is straightforward. The crimes are obvious, the law is clear, there is no question of his guilt. Hate is simply hate. But, the Government of Lithuania has a problem.

Kazys Skirpa spewed parallel slanders against Jews. In 1941, Skirpa called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Lithuania. Thereafter, 220,000 Jews were murdered in the most pervasive Holocaust in all of Europe.

The Government of Lithuania deemed Skirpa’s calls for ethnic cleansing as merely an “incident of anti-Semitism” which in no way impairs his national hero status. It would therefore seem that crushing Jews under a tyrant’s heel is a public service in Lithuania. Skirpa’s ongoing hero status makes that obvious.

Nobody has yet been murdered as a result of Žemaitaitis’s calls, while 96.4% of Lithuanian Jews were murdered as a result of Skirpa’s encouragement. In 1941 Lithuanians gleefully participated in Skirpa’s collaboration. It will not happen again in 2023 as a result of Žemaitaitis’s public mewling, as 99% of Lithuania’s Jews have already been eliminated, and there are virtually no Jews left in Lithuania to “ethnically cleanse.”

Photo: Skirpa proposed the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Lithuania. 220,000 Jews were then murdered inside Lithuania. The Government of Lithuania declared him innocent but admitted this was an “incident of anti-Semitism.”

If Žemaitaitis is a criminal, then so is Skirpa. If Lithuania deems Žemaitaitis not guilty, then hate speech laws in Lithuania are truly as empty and meaningless as a cheap prostitute’s one-night stand.

Lithuania has tied itself into a Gordian knot because of their consistent and pervasive Holocaust fraud. Žemaitaitis and Skirpa are Lithuania’s ongoing disease that cannot be cured while Lithuania considers Holocaust perpetrators national heroes.

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