Stories of Lithuanian Rescuers of Jews

Stories of Lithuanian Rescuers of Jews

In 2005 the Department of Righteous Gentiles of the Vilna Gaon Museum published their third edition of “Hands Bringing Life and Bread” in a combined Lithuanian- and English-language edition. According to the museum’s website it:

“contains stories of those who showed humanity during the darkest hours of history, the Righteous Gentiles. It is dedicated to Ona Simaitė in celebration of the 110th anniversary of her birth. This courageous woman is well known for her deeds during WWII, but is only one of 72 Rescuers of Jews in Lithuania presented in this volume.”

Compiled by Viktorija Sakaitė and edited by Dalija Epšteinaitė, 2005, 128 pp.; Lithuanian & English, ISBN 9986-34-144-2

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Zigmas Vitkus’s “Akimirka apsispręsti. Lietuvos žydų gelbėtojų istorijos” [Moment to Decide: Stories of Rescuers of Lithuanian Jews] was published by the Alma littera publishing house in 2023.

According to the description provided by the Lithuanian book clearinghouse

“True heroes don’t wear capes, they don’t cover their faces with masks and they don’t have superpowers. If you encountered them on the street you wouldn’t recognize them. They are just people. And yet, at the crucial moment, when the decision is demanded to chose a side, good or evil, they do what is right despite mortal danger…

“In the mid-20th century after World War II broke out, perhaps the darkest page in the history of Europe and of Lithuania was turned, the Holocaust. The Nazis, having decided to exterminate all Jews, began the mass destruction of this people. Some people cooperated with the Nazis, or remained passive. But not all. The book ‘Akimirka apsispręsti’ is about the small number of the latter. Twenty-four true stories about residents of Lithuania (and foreigners) who, risking their own lives and those of their families, not only saved Jews, but until now through their goodness refuse to allow the light of hope in humanity and selflessness to be extinguished.”

The Lithuanian-language book is lavishly illustrated by the drawings of Mindaugas Lukošaitis. The hardback contains 184 pages and the ISBN number is 9786090154205

Full description in Lithuanian here.