Upcoming Vilnius Jewish Public Library Events

Upcoming Vilnius Jewish Public Library Events

The Vilnius Jewish Public Library presents a lecture by Oleksii Chebotarov called “Topography of Pogroms: Spatial and Social History of Anti-Jewish Violence on the Imperial Peripheries” on December 15.

On December 22 the library will feature an evening of poetry and music by Leonard Cohen.

On December 29 the library will screen the made-for-tv documentary film “The World Was Ours” (2007) about the pre-WWII Jewish community of Vilnius. According to imdb:

“A documentary chronicling the rich, vibrant history of the Jewish community of Vilna (then Poland, now Lithuania) known as ‘The Jerusalem of Lithuania’ before its destruction in World War II.”

For more information, send an e-mail to vzvbvjpl@gmail.com or call 8 604 15765.