EJC Launches Aid Deliveries for Refugees Fleeing Ukraine

EJC Launches Aid Deliveries for Refugees Fleeing Ukraine

March 10, 2022–As part of its ongoing efforts to assist refugees fleeing Ukraine, the EJC has initiated deliveries of trucks to the Hungarian and Slovak border with Ukraine.

With the help of Jewish communities in bordering countries, especially the Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia (ÚZŽNO) and the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ), relief trucks containing basic necessities including food, medicine, sanitary products and other items are being sent out to provide immediate aid to refugees fleeing Ukraine.

EJC executive vice-president and CEO Raya Kalenova together with EJC vice-president Dr. Ariel Muzicant and ÚZŽNO president Richard Duda supervised the first dispatch of trucks leaving Bratislava to the Slovak- and Hungarian-Ukrainian borders. Deliveries will be replenished on a constant basis and expanded to further locations according to needs on the ground.

“Our goal is to assist as many refugees as possible during this urgent humanitarian situation, and to provide them with a measure of relief and safety,” Kalenova said.

“Human life is the most precious and sacred thing. We are so proud that our communities have mobilized to protect the most vulnerable, and we will continue to provide all material, financial and moral support to the best of our ability,” she added.

“We at the EJC mourn the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with all those affected and will do everything possible to support all those in need. Saving lives, helping refugees must be our top priority,” Dr. Muzicant said.

“We must do our best to save our Jewish brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and all refugees who require support, to help them leave the country and to give them shelter, food, clothing and any form of psychological and financial support,” Dr. Muzicant added.

“We gratefully welcome the assistance of the EJC with whom we have been in intensive communication since the beginning of the crisis,” said Duda. “Slovakia directly borders Ukraine and the Slovak Jewish communities under the leadership of ÚZŽNO have come together to provide assistance to refugees.”

Over the last two weeks ÚZŽNO has welcomed around twenty families in Slovakia and is looking into providing as much assistance as is needed so they are able to settle in.

“We are glad that we are not alone in our mission, we welcome the cooperation with the EJC and express our readiness to continue to work tirelessly for the benefit of all who have had to leave their homes against their will,” Duda added.

Earlier Kalenova was hosted at the Jewish community of Vienna (IKG Wien) by Dr. Muzicant and president Oskar Deutsch.

IKG Wien is conducting efforts to provide a dignified welcome to refugees. Shelter and basic necessities are being organised in three hotels, as well as access to medical doctors and psychologists. In addition, two Russian-language school classes and a kindergarten have been opened for small children, as well as cultural programs.

The EJC together with our communal crisis management arm SACC and all its affiliated communities have mobilized to provide humanitarian assistance as a matter of the highest priority, and will continue to do so for as long as it is necessary.

In addition the EJC is coordinating efforts and assessing capacity to distribute refugees among affiliated Jewish communities in Europe.

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