Lithuanian Makabi Athletics Club Annual Report and Conference

Lithuanian Makabi Athletics Club Annual Report and Conference

The Lithuanian Makabi Athletics Club, an associate member of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, held their annual conference and presentation of the past several years’ activities at the Bagel Shop Café in Vilnius on November 21. Kaunas Jewish Community chairman Žakas Gercas moderated the meeting of members of the board, athletes and special guests. Lithuanian Jewish Community chairwoman delivered a welcome speech and noted the significance of the Makabi club for the Lithuanian Jewish Community as an athletic and cultural movement. She invited Makabi members to participate more in Jewish cultural life and holiday celebrations and to celebrate their Jewish roots.

Makabi president Semionas Finkelšteinas presented a report on the club’s activities over the last three years, noting good results from the Maccabee Games in Budapest, the annual Fun Run and continual operation during the global virus panic.

The conference approved the composition of the board of executives and took on new members of the board. Finkelšteinas presented a favorable assessment of past activities and was re-elected club president for another year by general consent of the board. He thanked them for their trust in him but said he was wanted to find a replacement for that post in the future, someone younger who might offer more opportunities for the club as time goes on.

Executive director Daniel Dubrovin presented plans for Makabi for 2022.

The audience and board members were also treated to a screening of a new film about the history of Lithuanian Makabi by Sigitas Valadka. Annual awards to best and most energetic club athletes and veterans followed with selections made by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, the Education and Sports Ministry, the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Makabi club itself. Club leaders said they are now preparing for the Makabia World Games in Israel.