Alanta Synagogue Renovated

Alanta Synagogue Renovated

The synagogue in the town of Alanta in the Molėtai region stands on slight hill side a little bit away from Ukmergės street on the right-hand side of the Alanta-Molėtai road. It is unique in Lithuania and Europe. It is one of only seventeen surviving wooden synagogues spread across Lithuania. Judging from its shape, it is thought it was built in the late 19th century. The Alanta synagogue is the only surviving synagogue from the Romantic period with an intact interior and interior stairs left in Lithuania.

The renovated synagogue will be handed over to the Molėtai regional administration for managing public use of the state-protected heritage site for cultural, educational and tourism activities including exhibits and tours teaching local Jewish history.

The history of Jewish settlement in the town of Alanta isn’t known. Rabbi Benyamin Gitezon who lived from 1851 to 1932 was first mentioned in 1878. In 1921 an official Jewish Community was established with a six-member board of directors. There was a school with two teachers and a library with works in Hebrew and Yiddish which existed until 1940.

The Lithuanian Jewish Community owns the synagogue in Alanta. It was renovated using funding from the state and the LJC.

Information from Lithuania’s Cultural Heritage Department.

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