Lithuanian Makabi Invites Students, Parents, Friends to Fun Run

Lithuanian Makabi Invites Students, Parents, Friends to Fun Run

The Lithuanian Makabi Athletics Club has been holding so-called fun runs for several years now and the non-competitive jogging events have caught on around the world as well. This year Makabi is holding a charity fun run with entrance fees going to support Makabi activities. The real point, however, is to get together, play together, listen to some music and exert our bodies. This is more important than it might sound in keeping the small Lithuanian Jewish Community together.

Time and place: the run will start at 11:00 A.M. on September 19 at Vingio park in Vilnius, with the starting place next to the stage there.


All runners from the Lithuanian Jewish Community and people who support the Makabi organization are invited to participate. Each runner may choose whether to run the 1.5 or 3 km course. To participate, you only need to fill out the registration form. Every person participates of their own free will, without any compulsion, and accepts full responsibility for any risk associated with the run (including different health problems). You may register for the fun run in your name only.


Prior registration by internet is open till midnight on September 18 at the following link:

Current list of participants: