The Lithuanian Jewish Community extends our deepest condolences on the death of long-time Lithuanian diplomat Edminas Bagdonas to his surviving family members.

Edminas Bagdonas, 58, passed away Saturday in Vilnius following a battle with illness. He was one of the most remarkable of Lithuanian diplomats after the country achieved independence in the early 1990s. Most recently he served as Lithuanian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. He has been active in Lithuania’s diplomatic corps since 1994 and has served as ambassador to Israel and Belarus.

His admirers have called a “statesman with a capital S.” Litvaks in Israel remember him well for his communicability, professionalism and sense of duty.

Arie Ben-Ari Grozendsky, the chairman of the Association of Lithuanian Jewish in Israel, has sent the following condolences as well:

May 23, 2021

To: the Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania,
Mr. Gabrielius Lansbergis
12 Aba Hillel Silver Street, 17th Floor
Ramat Gan 5250606

Dear Minister,

Re: Edminas Bagdonas, condolences

I and the entire board of the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel express our sincere condolences on the untimely passing of the honorable Edminas Bagdonas. He brought to his position true compassion and understanding of Litvaks in Israel, always keen to learn about their past and present lives.

Ambassador Bagdonas was highly respected and loved by the Litvak community here. Please convey our sincere sympathy to his wife, family and colleges.

May his soul rest in peace, and may he always be a blessed memory.


Arie Ben-Ari Grodzensky, chair
Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel