Small Children, Small Troubles

Small Children, Small Troubles

Kleiner kinder — klein zorgn, groise kinder — groise zorgn.

This Jewish saying means small children pose worries and bigger children bigger problems.

Natalja Cheifec invites you to her third lecture on the subject, “Raising Children in the Traditional Jewish Family,” in Lithuanian.

The lecture will teach you about innate features children have and how to encourage them, and why Jewish children end up learning their entire lives. The issue of whether children should pay attention to the opinions of others and which way to choose–to act like everyone else, or to go one’s own way–will be addressed.

Together with Natalja you will learn how to turn an enemy into a friend, how to teach children to behave morally and the effects loneliness and a bad environment have on children.

The lecture is free and will be held on the Lithuanian Jewish Community’s Zoom page from 5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. on April 22.

The lesson will be repeated in Russian a week from now, on April 29.

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