New Virus, Old Disease, but There Is a Treatment

New Virus, Old Disease, but There Is a Treatment

by Robert Singer, chairman and CEO, Spero group, senior advisor to the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement

An old virus has appeared alongside the novel COVID-19 pandemic. There’s nothing novel about this old disease. It’s instantly recognizable without a microscope. It’s the virus of anti-Semitism, the ancient hatred of the Jewish people.

Like the corona virus, anti-Semitism can mutate over time. Like the corona virus, it ignores borders, it infects both young and old and it can strike in Islamic, Christian and other societies alike.

In Shiite Iran and Sunni Pakistan, where anti-Semitism is rampant, Muslim preachers, bloggers and ordinary citizens rushed to blame the Jews for the outbreak of COVID-19 infections. Similar accusations have also been heard in the United States. Since the Orthodox Jewish community in New Rochelle, New York was among the first to be infected, many people, both online and offline, blamed Jews for the outbreak.

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