We Did It, We Got Matzo to Our Seniors

We Did It, We Got Matzo to Our Seniors

Two weeks ago the Community accepted the challenge to distribute and home-deliver more matzo to more than 900 seniors living in Vilnius. Today we can truly say, mission accomplished.

It would have been mission impossible without the help of our volunteers who heeded the Community’s call for help. We had from 3 to 4 teams of Community staff and volunteers on the street daily.

The distribution of matzo took place so very smoothly because we were able to harness so many who offered to help.

A mitzvah should be done quietly and without fanfare, but the Community has a right to know who its heroes are.

The volunteers whom we would like to thank:

Roman German, Lilia Jurevičienė, Viljamas Žitkauskas, Viktor Tombak, Marius Galadauskas, Konstantin Rashap, Aliona Levina, Milda Jakulytė-Vasil, Marius Rudalevičius. Alon Krasilov.

A big THANK YOU for caring and wanting to help.

We are happy to report LJC staff also volunteered:

Ninel, Sofja, Ema, Aušra, Jelena, Snieguolė, Danutė, Rokas, Michailas, Neringa, Mindaugas, Andžejus

We love our senior citizens. If not for you, we wouldn’t exist.

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