Šiauliai Regional Jewish Community Commemorates Holocaust Victims

Šiauliai Regional Jewish Community Commemorates Holocaust Victims

Local Jews and others gathered to commemorate International Holocaust Day on January 27 at a monument marking the ghetto gate at the intersections of Trakų and Ežero istreets n Šiauliai.

Members of local Jewish organizations, representatives of the Šiauliai municipal and regional administrations, students and non-Jewish local residents participated. Among those attending were Holocaust survivors Ida Vileikienė and Romualda Každailienė, former inmates in the Šiauliai ghetto.

Participants lit candles and laid rocks and flowers at the ghetto gate marker, and took photos for the #WeRemember International Holocaust Day campaign.

Šiauliai city mayor Artūras Visockas, deputy mayors Egidijus Elijošius and Domas Griškevičius and Šiauliai district administrator Antanas Bezaras also lit candles at the monument. Members of the Šiauliai Regional Jewish Community later attended a screening of the film Holocaust and a memorial lunch at community headquarters.

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