Walls That Remember Art Installation Vandalized

Walls That Remember Art Installation Vandalized

The main feature of the Walls That Remember project has been vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti in central Vilnius.

The project aimed to remind passer-by of Vilnius’s rich Jewish past by portraying scenes from Jewish life in what was mainly the Jewish quarter of the Vilnius Old Town before World War.

Over the weekend someone added a star of David crossed out with the void symbol to the wall next to the painting. Project staff issued the following statement:

Yesterday at 3:00 PM ·

We are requesting the help of people who care. Please share this post. We would be grateful for any help at all in solving this crime.

Last night or early this morning the scholar piece of #sienosprisimena was desecrated. Anti-Semitic graffiti was added onto the work. We are asking witnesses to this event to come forward. Any information at all about this act of hate and vandalism could be very important. The person or people who did this must answer for it. We hope we live in a country where hate is not and will not be tolerated. We will contact the police regarding this crime.

The art work adorns a wall located next to a number of foreign embassies right in the heart of the former Jewish quarter and Vilnius Old Town. This is the latest in a series of acts of anti-Semitic vandalism of Jewish sites and statues in Vilnius and Lithuania.