Šiauliai Regional Jewish Community: Ona Šimaitė Commemoration in Akmenė

Šiauliai Regional Jewish Community: Ona Šimaitė Commemoration in Akmenė

A day-long commemoration of Righteous Gentile Ona Šimaitė lasting into the evening will be held in Akmenė, Lithuania, July 22. “Šimaitė Invites You to Speak” is a project dedicated to honoring the local Jewish community and Ona Šimaitė and Righteous Gentiles in general. It was initiated by the Marijus and Diana Lopaitis family with the Akmenė regional public library and with support from the Akmenė town community, the Lithuanian Cultural Council, the Jakovas Bunka support fund, the Šiauliai Regional Jewish Community and the Akmenė regional administration to be held on the birthday of the town of Akmenė.

Events will take place at the Akmenė Regional History Museum at Kasakausko street no. 17 and the Akmenė House of Culture at Sodo street no. 1 in Akmenė.


11:00 Conference “Šimaitė Invites You to Speak” (Akmenė Regional History Museum)

part 1: The history and fate of the Akmenė regional Jewish community
part 2: Ona Šimaitė: The Story of a Righteous Gentile
part 3: Official openings of exhibits including of manuscripts by Šimaitė, a photo exhibit called “Kaddish for the Wooden Synagogues of Lithuania” and carvings and the exhibit “The Litvak Literary Legacy” by the Akmenė regional public library.

2:30 Ceremony renaming the Akmenė library the Ona Šimaitė Library.

3:00 Lunch

4:00 Guided tour of Jewish sites in Akmenė region (prior registration required)

6:00 A performance entitled “Your Anne” by the Talent Club of the Ramučiai Gymnasium of Naujoji Akmenė based on the Anne Frank diary, directed by Violeta Serbintienė of the Akmenė House of Culture.

7:00 “Sounds of the Shtetl” educational Jewish music concert performed by students from the Venta and Naujoji Akmenė music schools, conducted by Daiva Kvaukienė of the Akmenė House of Culture, art director Vitalij Neugasimov.

8:00 Closing ceremony and meeting of guests and visitors at the Akmenė House of Culture.