Events to Mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Events to Mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 25 FRIDAY 10:30 A.M.-2:30 P.M, Artis Hotel, Totorių street no. 23, Vilnius
Holocaust Day conference on fighting discrimination

Presentation of exhibit “Lithuania. Lite. Lita. One Century our of Seven”
Registration:, [in Lithuanian and English with translation]

Organizers: Lithuanian Jewish Community, Department of Ethnic Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

January 27 SUNDAY 2:00 P.M., Pasaka Cinema, Šv. Ignoto street no. 4
Screening of the film Testament aka haEdut (2017). Entrance free. Film is in Hebrew, English, German and Yiddish (Lithuanian subtitles will be provided).

The Testament is a film about Holocaust historian Yoel Halberstam, who becomes involved in a legal battle over the brutal mass murder of Jews in the fictional town of Lensdorf, Austria, at the end of World War II. An influential industrialist family on whose land the massacre took place are planning a large real estate development at the mass murder site. Yoel suspects the goal of the construction is bury all memory of the event forever, but he needs proof to stop it from going forward.

Event supporters: Lithuanian embassy to Israel, Israeli embassy to Lithuania

January 29, TUESDAY, 2:00 P.M., Lithuanian Jewish Community, Pylimo street no. 4, Vilnius
Screening of documentary Who Will Write Our History (2018).

This award-winning documentary by Robert Grossman and Nancy Spielberg based on the book of the same name by Samuel Kassow sensitively and convincingly carries the viewer into the Warsaw ghetto and tells the story of the struggle by members of the underground for survival and human dignity. Film in English, Yiddish and Polish. For more information, see

Event supporter: World Jewish Congress

January 29 TUESDAY 6:00 P.M., Church of Sts. John, Šv. Jono street no. 12
World premiere of Leib Glantz’s oratorio Night of the Holocaust
Chorus, orchestra and soloists arranged by U.S. composer Joseph Ness

Performers: choir Vilnius (senior conductor Artūras Dambrauskas), Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra (Arkady Feldman, artistic director and conductor), Moscow Synagogue’s men’s a cappella group (Aleksandr Tsaliuk, artistic director), Kaliningrad Theatrical Music Chorus (artistic director Konstantin Belonogov) Cyrillica choir from Kaliningrad (Marina Bukova, artistic director), cantor Daniel Mutlu (USA), actress Elzė Gudavičiūtė (Lithuania) and conductor Arkady Feldman

The concert is intended to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 120th anniversary of the birth of the composer Leib Glantz (1898-1964). Excerpts from Elie Wiesel’s book Night will be read as well.

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