Best Jewish Woman Contest Israelit de Lita 2018/5779

Best Jewish Woman Contest Israelit de Lita 2018/5779

Fourteen participants from ages 18 to over 55 competed Sunday in the best Jewish woman contest Israelit de Lita in Vilnius. Categories included cooking, talents and knowledge.

Contest organizer Larisa Vyšniauskienė explained feminine beauty fades over time, but spiritual beauty remains, and that was the basis for this competition.

The participants earlier attended lessons for several months on Jewish history, cuisine, cosmetics, fashion and the woman’s role in the Jewish family.

The Fayerlakh group provided music and dance for the event. Arkadijus Vinokuras and Božena Sokolinska were the MCs.

And the winners were:

in the first group: Michlia Lorman in first place, followed by Faina Chackelevič and Faina Smirnova;

in the second group: Tereza Fedosova, Sofija Sirvydienė and Elena Slobodianova;

in the third group: Karina Segal, Rima Šechter and Marija Dushkina.

The best Jewish woman Israelit de Lita contest was funded by the Goodwill Foundation and the Vilnius Culture Center.