Under the Star of David

6:00 P.M., September 23, 2018
Vaidila Theater, Jakšto street no 9, Vilnius

World premier of Giedrius Kuprevičius’s chamber symphony, a twelve-part chamber symphony for tenor, clarinet in B, two violins, 2 cellos and piano.

The new season of Vaidila Classics will open September 23 with a modern classical concert called Under the Star of David to commemorate the Holocaust. This is an impressive and moving 12-part chamber symphony composed by maestro Giedrius Kuprevičius. Adding charm to the piece is the inclusion of an ancient Hebrew melody deciphered by Haik Vantoura and poetry written especially for this piece by the poet Violeta Palčinskaitė. The maestro and the performers–Lietuvos Jeruzalė, the American Virtuosi and the tenor Rafailas Karpis–want to commemorate every Holocaust victim with their music.


Rafailas Karpis (tenor, Lithuania)
Lietuvos Jeruzalė members:
Romualdas Taločka (clarinet, Lithuania)
Boris Traub (violin, Lithuania)
Vitalija Raškevičiūtė-Gelgotė (alto, Lithuania)
American Virtuosi members:
Emmanuel Borowsky (violin, USA)
Cecilia Barczyk-Borowsky (cello, USA)
Frances Grace Borowsky (cello, USA)
Elizabeth Borowsky-LeBlanc (piano.USA)