LJC Holds Passover Camp

The Lithuanian Jewish Community offered children on school vacation the chance to attend a Passover camp. For three days boys and girls participated in events, under the supervision of camp counselors and teachers, including chemistry experiments, making Jewish souvenirs, dance classes, learning “Lego engineering” and a tour of Jewish sites in Vilnius.

Television personality Karina German and Nikita Jusupovas participated at the closing ceremony April 5.

Some of the thoughts among parents, children and camp counselors:

Viljamas: “It’s very good the community holds these kinds of camps during vacation. My children–I have two–enthusiastically participate in these programs. It’s important children get more information about their culture and traditions. I myself grew up in the community, and I think we see a continuity of events and activities, when children attend Jewish community camps. It’s very important for us to preserve our traditions and culture. I am a professional guide. My mission is to teach my children about history, heritage the culture of Lithuanian Jews. Today I told my children the story of ORT and we walked around Jewish Vilnius. The children liked it. I’m hoping they’ll want to learn more about the history of our city in the future as well.”

Vika: “The main thing is that our children like it, and it’s also important they feel welcome here. Of course I tell them about the camp program, but I always know the children will find it interesting and they’ll spend time in a useful way.”

Mariana: “I send my daughter to camp with joy. The camps are a big help to us, we know the children will be occupied during vacation. My daughter spends time in a useful way at all the community’s camps.”

“My name is Bernardas. I really like being at this camp because we can have fun, make new friends and learning something new.”

“My name is Mišel. I really like the camp because I met new friends from school and I made new friends, too. We went everywhere together, we ate and had fun together and we learned according to the programs.”

“I am Maksimas. Today we were on an excursion. We walked around Jewish Vilnius. I really liked it there. And we had a real chemistry laboratory at the camp.”

“My name is Kotryna. This camp was a lot of fun, the best counselors are here. It was happy and interesting. I have many friends and I think the most fun way to spend free time is at camp.”

“My name is Sofija. I really liked the excursion to Jewish places in Vilnius and the dance lessons. We also played different games.”

“My name is Saša. This isn’t the first time I’ve been to camp. I will remember this camp because I learned many new things about our city. Yesterday in class we learned capoeira and I even tried it at home with my father. Today I learn a lot about chemistry. This camp is very good.”

“I am Liza. The most interesting things at this camp were the experiments and dancing. I really liked this camp.”

“My name is Rebėka. I also liked the dancing, the excursion and many other interesting things!”


Mišel: “When you work with love, everything is a success. It’s very sweet when children come to you and say thank you, they liked being at the camp.”

Elza: “This is my first camp where I was a counselor. I really liked it. Although this camp only lasted for three days, we experienced so much goodness and happiness from the children who attended! And I was able to learn a lot from the children, for example, how to take joy in the little things.”

Samuelis: “I like working at the camp because I can help children and encourage their interests. It’s wonderful.”