Lithuanian Prime Minister Commemorates Holocaust Victims in Ponar

From the web page of the Government of Lithuania

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis commemorated Jewish victims of genocide and placed a wreath at the Ponar memorial [September 25, 2017]. Members of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, the ambassadors of Israel and other countries, representatives from the Vilnius municipality and members of parliament participated in the solemn ceremony to honor Jewish victims of genocide.

“All of us together are witnesses to the tragedy of the Jewish people, which is the tragedy of our entire Nation. This is the blackest page in our history. We must speak openly and bravely about the fact that together with the Nazis our local murderers participated in this blood-curdling crime. We lost part of our history, part of the identity of Lithuania. This is an historical lesson to u sall. So we must do everything in our power that it never happens again,” the prime minister said at the memorial in Ponar.

Lithuanian Jewish victims of genocide are commemorated on the date when the Vilnius ghetto was liquidated, September 23, 1943. Tens of thousands of Jews in the ghetto were murdered in Ponar and sent to Nazi concentration camps. During World War II 90 percent of the Jews of Lithuania were murdered, approximately 200,000 people.

Full statement in Lithuanian here.