NGO Monitor Complaint Forces Important Revision of UN Report

At the end of March, NGO Monitor sent a complaint to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, raising concerns that special rapporteur Michael Lynk had included Manal Tamimi in his report targeting Israel. Tamimi, who is affiliated with anti-Israel NGOs, was described as a “leader of the protest movement” and given the prestigious title of “human rights defender”–defined by the UN as an individual who advocates for peace and universal human rights.

In fact, Tamimi’s Twitter feed is filled with calls to violence, anti-Semitic images and offensive language (to understate the case). In August of 2015, for example, Tamimi called for a “third intifada” and for people to rise up and kill “all these Zionist settlers everywhere” (see tweets below).

Yesterday, in response to NGO Monitor’s complaint, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights removed Manal Tamimi from the report. We will continue to expose the extreme bias of the special rapporteur and the UN Human Rights Council.