Regarding the Menachemo Namai School

The Goodwill Foundation has received notice from bailiff/collector Dalius Traigys dated December 6, 2016, indicating public enterprise Menachemo Namai [House of Menachem] school (corporation code 302851682) has debt of €99,916.73 to the Vilnius city department of the State Social Insurance Fund, and calling upon the Goodwill Foundation to deposit any payments allocated for Menachemo Namai in Dalius Traigys’s account.

The Goodwill Foundation has known about the possible financial difficulties of Menachemo Namai and acted carefully and far-sightedly in having decided earlier not to allocated partial financing to Menachemo Namai projects submitted to the Goodwill Foundation. If it had been otherwise, Goodwill Foundation funds intended for projects for which the Menachemo Namai school had sought funding would have been used to the school’s creditors instead.

Attorneys Linas Makaveckas and Valentas Gailius