Pasvalys, Lithuania Commemorates Kazys Škirpa

Pasvalys įamžino K. Škirpos atminimą

Namajūnai in the Pasvalys region of Lithuania, where Kazys Škirpa was born 121 years ago, has erected a stone monument to commemorate him. Namajūnai is a village with one house right on the Lithuanian border with Latvia. Kazys Škirpa, the first Lithuanian volunteer soldier, politician and public figure, was born there in 1895. He died in 1979. Alderman Algimantas Mašalas of the Saločiai aldermanship where Namajūnai is located said the wise people of Pasvalys had been calling for years for commemoration of the birthplace of their most famous [sic, infamous] native son, Kazys Škirpa.

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