LJC Camp Counselor Seminar in Dubingiai

LŽB Vadovų (madrichų) seminaras Dubingiuose

The recreation and conference center ORO Dubingiai hosted a seminar of LJC camp counselors in September. The seminar was intended to raise the qualifications of counselors and better coordinate the Ilan, Knafaim and Regional Clubs. Attendants were the team of counselors and experienced coordinators who shared their knowledge with the young group directors.

The counselors were able to demonstrate their leadership characteristics and other talents and abilities, revealing themselves as good people capable of working in a team. They demonstrated that teamwork playing group games and preparing a program for period until the next season, the winter children’s camps. The coordinators were able to come up with interesting programs for children and adolescents to make this season a memorable one and attract more participants next year.

There was more discussion about the importance of the holidays in Jewish life, interesting details about the holidays and shop-talk about how to make use of them in programs for children. There was also discussion about taking responsibility in personal life but especially in working with children. There were teachings on program methodology and how to direct programs correctly, things which require greater attention on the part of counselors and how to make programs interesting for children, adolescents and their parents.

Coordinators staged evening programs in Dubingiai to teach counselors by example how to hold group activities for the young and young adults. The evening activities were educational, but also a lot of fun, according to participants.

Participants came away from the three days of training with a sense of real accomplishment, as well as ideas on how to be more active counselors and how to contribute more to the children’s programs of the LJC. Participants and organizers expressed gratitude to supporters for making the seminars possible.