Lithuanian Jewish Community Demands Halt to Construction Work

Lithuanian Jewish Community


September 7, 2016 No. 319
September 6, 2016 No. 1-/6/P-007


Tomas Pauliukonys, director
V. Kudirkos street no. 18, Vilnius 03105

Arvydas Avulis, chairman of board of directors,
Konstitucijos prospect no. 7, Vilnius 09308


Diana Varnaitė, director
Cultural Heritage Department under the Ministry of Culture
Šnipiškių street no. 3, Vilnius 09309



It has come to our attention that by order of companies under your direction during the last days of August of this year there was earth dug without permission during demolition and construction at the site of the former Žaligiris Stadium within the protected zone of the old Vilnius Jewish cemetery in Šnipiškės (cultural heritage register number KVR 31812, henceforth “Cemetery”). This is a gross violation of the signed agreement on the terms of the cultural heritage protection of the protective buffer zone of the Cemetery (henceforth “Terms”) adopted on August 26, 2009, as well as the agreement between the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Vesata company and the Archeoligijos centras public organization (henceforth “Agreement”).

We demand an immediate halt to all work within the territory of the Cemetery and its protected zone until representatives of the Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe (henceforth “Committee”) are able to assess the situation and decide appropriately regarding further work at the site.

According to our information, the earliest date a Committee representative could arrive is from September 12 to 15 of this year. Please respond quickly as to whether this date is appropriate for a visit, and as to whether you are willing to pay all costs associated with it.

Faina Kukliansky, chairwoman