Sholem Aleichem ORT Gymnasium Graduation Celebration

Šolom Aleichemo ORT gimnazijoje šiandien, liepos 15d. švenčiamos išleistuvės

The Lithuanian Jewish Community congratulates the students, parents and teachers on this significant day.

This year the Sholem Aleichem school graduated 18 high school students. This is the school’s 13th graduating class. Students come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds–Jewish, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and others–and the school is a place of mutual respect and tolerance. Principal Miša Jakobas says he’s very proud because everyone passed their final exams, a major achievement in comparison to the problems encountered in other Lithuanian high schools. He said there were students who scored in the 96 to 97 percentile range, and one student scored 100% on the English language test, while the average scores were in the 70% range.