Removal of Jewish Headstones from Electric Substation Begins in Lithuanian Capital

Sostinėje pradėta ardyti pastotė iš sunaikintų Žydų kapinių paminklinių akmenų
photo: Saulius Žiūra

Vilnius mayor Remigijus Šimašius is keeping his promise: now that the centralized hearing season is over, work has begun to remove part of an electric transformer station whose construction during the Soviet era employed stones from Jewish graves. The mayor today surveyed the work to disassemble the electric substation on Olandų street. After consulting with the Lithuanian Jewish Community, the decision was made to remove the headstone fragments to the site on Olandų street where a Jewish cemetery memorial is being constructed.

It’s clear that 26 years after the declaration of Lithuanian independence, it has long been time to get rid of such symbols of disrespect for our history. Today the Jewish headstones are being removed from the substation and will be used for a Jewish cemetery memorial on Olandų street. We consulted with the Lithuanian Jewish Community on how to return the fragments of gravestones in the most honorable manner, showing due respect to the memory of the dead,” Vilnius mayor Šimašius said.

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