Purim at the Gesher Club


The Gesher Club of the Lithuanian Jewish Community celebrated Purim March 25 at the Natali Restaurant in Vilnius. Since carnival costumes are a usual part of Purim, all participants were required to come in costume or at least partially dressed in costumes. LJC program coordinator Žana Skudovičienė took care of those who for one or another reason were unable or did not have time to get ready for the holiday. She let them chose a mask or costume accessory provided by Fayerlakh ensemble director Larisa Vyšniauskienė for the occasion.

Skudovičienė gave traditional greetings to Purim celebrants and thanked all the sponsors who made the celebration possible. She greeted community members born in the month of March as well. Ilja Vatkinas and his group Kupe provided the music, which included old Jewish standbys and original works, and it wasn’t long before everyone was on the dance floor for both some wild rhythmic dancing and slow waltzes.

Halfway through the celebration the parade of carnival characters began. They included airship captains, stewardesses, a Formula 1 pit-crew employee, a dame with a small dog, a girl with wolves and a number of others. A sober panel of judges selected the four best costumes whose wearers were hailed with a song. Some snapshots from the event:

  • Pur8
  • Pur10
  • Pur3
  • Pur2
  • Pur11
  • Pur4
  • Pur12
  • Pur1