Yiddish Reading Circle Returns

Yiddish Reading Circle Returns

On March 12, 2015 the Yiddish Reading Circle conducted by world-renowned Yiddishist Dovid Katz returned to the large hall on the second floor of the Lithuanian Jewish Community building in Vilnius.

 Dovid Katz, who was a professor of Yiddish at Vilnius University for 11 years, has been conducting the informal circle off and on for lovers and native speakers of Yiddish for several years now, as his schedule allows.

The first class in the current round of readings began in the traditional manner with those in attendance giving their names and place of origin in Yiddish to the best of their ability.

This was followed by the also-traditional reading of a short text in Yiddish by volunteers around the table. Dr. Katz offered help when needed and punctuated the reading with explanations of general and more obscure aspects of the language.

The majority of readers were Lithuanian Jews, or Litvaks, but there were also a number of non-Jews interested in learning more about this language which was so much a part of Lithuania’s story in earlier epochs.

 The enthusiasm of the students was evident when the time scheduled for the class ran out and no one said a word about it. It continued for another hour without a word of protest from anyone.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Yiddish Reading Circle and admission is free. Please check the LZB.lt website for exact times and dates.

Yiddish enthusiasts return for the next round of Dovid Katz’s Reading Circle