JDC greetings

Dear friends,
At JDC, we know that celebrating women isn’t just about honoring heroines of the past. And it’s not just about acknowledging the remarkable women and girls who are catalysts for change today, from Sarajevo to Sderot.
We’re excited to introduce you to some of the dynamic women continuing JDC’s legacy of service to women and girls globally – from our Board leadership to the next generation of talent transforming the way we serve Jewish communities in need around the world.

You’ll learn how these leaders first became passionate about JDC’s work – witnessing the rescue of Ethiopian Jews in Operation Solomon under the cover of night, celebrating thriving Jewish communities in unlikely places like Cuba and Morocco, and more.
And you’ll discover the incredible programs that have kept these leaders dedicated, like a Race for the Cure walk bridging the gap between Jews and Palestinians in Israel and determined homecare workers providing a critical lifeline of support to vulnerable Jews across the former Soviet Union.
We at JDC believe that to invest in women and girls is to provide a better future for Jews around the world. Learn how we realize this mission, today and every day, and this Sunday, March 8, we’ll be asking you to join us in sending a simple message to the women changing the world today: Thank you.
Penny Blumenstein 
President, JDC