Teleconference with Naftali Bennett (Israel’s Minister for Diaspora Affairs)

It gives us great honour to invite you to a special teleconference discussion between Jewish leaders from Europe and Mr. Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Minister for Diaspora Affairs, to be held: Tuesday 17th February, 2015, at 18:00 Israel time.

This discussion follows the horrific terror attack on a Synagogue in Copenhagen and in light of the growing threats facing Jewish communities in Europe from rising anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorists.
It will be an opportunity for you to hear directly from Minister Bennett, for him to express support and solidarity with you on behalf of the State of Israel and for you to inform him of the situation facing your communities on the ground, including what can be done in response.

Following some opening remarks by Minister Bennett, you will then be able to make remarks and ask him questions. We anticipate the teleconference call will last for approximately 30-40 minutes.

In addition to the formal invitation, which is enclosed below, we also enclose details for you to dial into the conversation, but please note phone numbers will vary by country. You are also strongly urged to call from a landline (as some cell phone providers also do not allow outgoing phone calls to toll-free numbers).

We ask that you please call-in a few minutes prior to the scheduled start, so that we can commence on time and allow as many people to speak as possible.

If you have any questions or problems dialing in on for the event, please call us.

We look forward to your participation in this important conversation with Minister Bennett tomorrow.

Conection numbers list NA

Yours sincerely,
The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC)

Yael Kasutto – Sharon
Head of Operations
The Israeli Jewish Congress
Telephone: +972-3-6444688
Mobile: +972-54-2282494
Facsimile: +972-3-6444699