Jewish Community of Kaunas 

Contact: Žakas Gercas, chairperson of the Kaunas Jewish Community, tel. 8-686-54585 email Activity The Kaunas Jewish community currently has more than 400 members. The community is actively involved in the following:

  • Organizing Jewish holidays and marking important Jewish dates.
  • Commemorating sites and personalities, as well as people who have helped the Jewish people.
  • Organizing cultural programs: plays, films, concerts, museums and exhibitions.
  • Honoring Holocaust survivors and providing a space and framework and support for their activities.
  • Helping World War II veterans’ organization by providing facilities.
  • Helping members of the Kaunas chassidic community organize prayers at the synagogue, providing facilities and covering expenses.
  • Maintaining the working cemetery at Aleksotas and the old Jewish cemetery in Raudondvaris, and maintaining the graves of famous Jewish personalities of Kaunas and the Kaunas region.
  • Visiting old Jewish cemeteries and Holocaust sites in the Kaunas region, providing information about them to visitors from around the world.
  • Providing advice to courts in legal disputes.
  • Fostering a positive image of the Jewish people and community in the media and other public forums.
  • Providing Yiddish language classes to the elderly  (and hopefully soon for younger people too!).
  • Providing and distributing charity: money, services and material goods for Jews and Holocaust-era rescuers of Jews.
  • Visiting ill and elderly Jews and Holocaust-era rescuers in hospital.
  • Seeking out previously unknown rescuers of Jews, ghetto and Holocaust victims and possible new members of the Jewish community.
  • Honoring rescuers of Jews and righteous gentiles who fought against Hitler in World War II.