Support the Lithuanian Jewish Community

Even your small donation today can help the Lithuanian Jewish Community achieve great things tomorrow.

The Lithuanian Jewish community has roots going back 700 years. Only a remnant survived the Holocaust. Although the current community is small, we are extremely active and are working hard to foster Jewish identity, maintain traditions and culture, commemorate Holocaust victims, provide social services to our members and promote tolerance in society.

We invite you to contribute to reviving at least a small portion of the legendary Jerusalem of Lithuania. Perform your mitzvah (good deed) today!

Our plans include:

  • Providing greater social support to the less well-to-do members of the regional communities and to Holocaust victims;
  • Renovating the aging and mildewed roof of the Lithuanian Jewish Community headquarters in Vilnius.
  • Setting up a kosher cafeteria at the Community building, open, of course, to all kosher food enthusiasts!
  • Setting up a preschool to teach Jewish values to preschoolers from earliest childhood;
  • Opening a library of Jewish literature at the Community for LJC members and everyone else;
  • Renovating mikveh – one of the essential elements of Judaism practices is currently not available to the users due to its bad state of repair;
  • Continuing to maintain Jewish cultural heritage sites including original Lithuanian wooden synagogues and doing repair work and preparing for public use the former synagogue on Gėlių street in Vilnius (Zavl shul on former Sadowa street);
  • Promoting use of the Yiddish language, organizing Yiddish language and culture courses in Lithuania;
  • Fighting anti-Semitism and ignorance; we are conducting a tolerance campaign, , to educate the public about the Litvak legacy and our history.

How can you donate? It’s simple: you can transfer a donation to the LJC bank account:

Beneficiary: Lietuvos žydų (litvakų) bendruomenė
Bank name: AB SEB Bankas
Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12                                                                                                               IBAN: LT097044060000907953                                                                                                             BIC (SWIFT): CBVILT2X

You can indicate on your transfer of funds for which goal the donation is intended.

For more information, call (8 5) 2613 003 or email us at