Bagel Shop

With the aim of diminishing the hate and encouraging openness in society, the Lithuanian Jewish Community is conducting a project called "Bagel Shop" a tolerance campaign against public expressions of anti-Semitism and hate. The project is being financed under the NGO program of the European Economic Area's financial mechanism for the 2009-2014 period.



Jewish Vilno, end of 1920

Resources for Educators

The Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program staff is available to work with educators and librarians in a host of different ways to help support teaching the Holocaust and bringing our books and films into the classroom.

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European routes of Jewish heritage

After more than a year researching Jewish heritage all over Europe, we are proud to present you our new series on Jewish Heritage Routes focusing on its different elements. >>ENTER

Combating antisemitism: more targeted measures needed

Antisemitism casts a long shadow on Jewish people’s chances to enjoy their legally guaranteed rights to human dignity, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and non-discrimination. The daily insults, discrimination, harassment and even physical violence, with which Jewish people across the European Union (EU) must contend, show few signs of abating, despite EU and EU Member States’ best efforts.

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Tourism opportunities must be exploited to increase economic growth


On 17 October, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Evaldas Gustas opened the 12th European Tourism Forum ‘Tourism – a Force for Economic Growth, Social Change and Welfare’, has reported.

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Emmanuel Levinas: The Origin of Responsibility

Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar
Directed by Richard A. Cohen

July 8 to 12, 2013, Vilnius, at the Jewish Culture and Information Center, 

located at 3a/5 Mesiniu St.

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Joint Statement by the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum on the Ceremonies for the Reburial of Juozas Brazaitis (Ambarazevčius)

On May 19 and 20 of this year rites to re-inter Juozas Brazaitis (Ambarazevčius), the head of the Provisional Government of Lithuania, and commemorations and events in connection with this will take place in Kaunas.

Every person has the right to leave this world maintaining their inherited traditions and religious convictions. The Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum do not protest and are not expressing dissatisfaction over the return of the mortal remains of Juozas Brazaitis (Ambarazevčius) to Lithuania.

Nonetheless, we are deeply hurt because of the ceremonies and events surrounding the reburial ceremony of this controversial political figure. This figure is connected with the actions of the puppet Provisional Government of Lithuania and with the calls by the Lithuanian Activist Front for inciting the mass murder of Jews which led to the execution of barbaric “justice” by the mob.

We believe that every country should foster the correct memory of the generations. By officially commemorating these sorts of people, Lithuanian Holocaust education programs and the historical truth presented in them are distorted. It is our opinion that this compromises contemporary Lithuania. We are deeply saddened that the Lithuanian state has expressed such disrespect to her citizens who were murdered here and who survived the Holocaust—to Jews.



Candle lighting: 8:19 pm Friday, 25 April

Havdalah 9:29 pm Saturday, 26 April

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  • Jewish Cuisine Seminars Continue 

    Everyone interested in learning how to cook traditional Jewish dishes and in finding out more about traditions of preparation and the special characteristics of Jewish cuisine is invited to attend the series of seminars called Jewish Cuisine. Topics: May 24, 2013 -- Traditional Jewish matzo dishes -- matzo cakes. The seminars are on Fridays in the White Hall on the first floor of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, Pylimo 4, Vilnius. Please come!